Pay Per Click (PPC) Management Services UK

We Provide PPC Management Services including campaign, keyword research, Bid Setup to instant impact on audience and get fast profit business.

Pay Per Click Management Services UK London England

(Pay Per Click) PPC Management Services in UK

PPC Management Services UK

We are one of the largest PPC management Services provider based in London, UK. Our Pay-Per-Click or PPC management service is ideal for big  and small business size planning to achieve any desired goal. We will help expand your business on national as well as international level. Our main objective is to get you more conversions, rather than just web traffic.

At Count SEO, we believe PPC management services are more than just AdWords. It comprises of various techniques, including paid social, paid search, paid display and many such. Our every PPC campaign optimisation and produces the best return on investment, from ecommerce to marketing and beyond. We provide local PPC Management services to all firms, company, agency and consultant.

Our PPC campaign management experts have been handling these campaigns since we started. We have worked in various industries and revolutionised many ecommerce websites in the UK. Our skilled team will recognise your business requirements and are proficient in working on the following areas.

Features of PPC (Pay Per Click) Management Services UK

Targeting Keywords

We will help you choose the most relevant keywords related to your business and sector. We will use ethical techniques to cover all the targeted areas and avoid those that aren’t beneficial to your business.

Ad Extensions

Ad Extensions have become an integral part of Pay Per Click management in the UK, as the extensions transform your ad text into something that makes you stand out amongst the competitors. Ad Extensions can really do the trick.

Ad Call to Action

We assure you to create highly influential adverts during PPC advertising that are strongly focused on the targeted keywords and landing pages of your website. Through continuous testing and strong call to action you can be sure of receiving optimum traffic at the lowest price possible.

PPC Display Advertising

Our independent display advertising techniques can help you increase your brand exposure, user engagement and conversions. We can efficiently handle both brand awareness and direct response programs.

PPC Paid Search

Advertise your business on major platforms and earn a substantial ROI with our PPC paid search. Spending money on this cost-effective and the most competent form of Adwords PPC management is surely worth a shot.

PPC Paid Social

Social platforms like Facebook is one of the most effective paid social tools. With millions of people online on Facebook, it will allow your business to target these people in a number of different ways. Our social experts will determine which audiences provide the best return on investment.

PPC (Pay Per Click), SEO Services Ranking and Video Report

Our PPC Management Process Easy to Understand

PPC Strategy

Our Pay Per Click campaign starts with identifying your business goals, industry, rivals and USP’s. Then, we will develop a customise PPC plan that is right for you, and deliver satisfying results.

Network Relationships

We will design a strategy to improve your ongoing campaigns, or set up new accounts on different networks if required. It is very important to own these accounts and maintain healthy relationships with these platforms.

Data Record

Implementing a PPC service without the correct data is like a shooting in the dark. Gathering the data is a foremost thing that we do before starting your campaign, so that we must have all the information we require to effectively run your PPC campaign.


Last but not least, we will provide you with detailed insights of your PPC and AdWords management campaign, so you will know what exactly we have done since the last report, how your campaign is performing, and of course, what your competitors are doing.

Client is Always Happy Behind the Success Result.

Let us help you with our PPC and AdWords Management Services

Our PPC expert team is a combination of technical, innovative and analytical heads to deliver your every PPC campaign in the most efficient and right manner. They are highly skilled in using in-house and third party tools, including Google Analytics implementation and conversion optimisation tools to study user behaviour. Aforementioned data driven decisions can help decide the future strategy.

If you are already deploying PPC services and feel like you are not getting the expected results, then allow us to conduct a PPC Audit and we will tell you what exactly you are lacking and how we could make it better if we were your PPC company.

If you haven’t stepped into the domain of paid marketing and think this is the right time to start, then contact us and we will discuss marketing opportunities that might transform your business as well as your future. We provide PPC management advertising services in UK Most state England, Scotland and City Such as London, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Bristol, Glasgow, Liverpool, Sheffield, Edinburgh, Leicester, Coventry, Nottingham and New Castle.

Director : Keith Cramphorn

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CEO : Ben Cramphorn

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