Terms and Conditions

Read Carefully The Terms and Conditions Before Using This Website

  • The terms and conditions cover all the contracts and agreements made by the organisation to the client since the relationship between the company and the client.
  • The client will be provided with sufficient information regarding the products or services, and only after the brief consideration, the client should make a decision.
  • With the defined time duration, the service or the product will be delivered to the client without much of a time extension.
  • The client must provide a valid email address when asked for better communication regarding the products or services.
  • The client must familiar itself with the services, and if there are any amendments to be made, inform the organisation.
  • The services can only be availed on mutually agreed terms.
  • The company guarantees the delivery of service on time.

Privacy Policy

Read About Privacy Policy Of This Website

  • The company respects the privacy of the clients and are responsible for the same.
  • The company guarantees that the information it collects will be strictly kept confidential, and the organisation will not transfer any information at any time.
  • All the communication between the client and the company will be recorded and maintained for the future reference.
  • The company may ask for the client’s personal information. The company assures the privacy and protection of the those details.
  • The client has the right to ask the details of the correspondence to the company.
  • The company will not share any client information to third parties unless the prior permission of the client.
  • Any changes in the business terms and offers will be informed to the client as soon as possible.

Refund Policy

Read About Refund Policy Of This Website

  • If the client wish to stop the service, the refund will be provided only if the service has not started.
  • If the organisation fails to provide the services on time, the client can ask for the refund.
  • There are some exceptional cases in which the refund cannot be provided at any point in time.
  • Any change in the refund policy will be informed to the client before making amendments.
  • If the client wish to halt the service in between, some percent of the amount shall be refunded.
  • Pay off the dues to the company before the service begins or ends, to avoid any future conflicts.
  • The refund shall be made within 30 days from the day of request.
  • For any question and query regarding the refund policy, contact 24 x 7 support team.
  • The client should understand the policies of the company and should agree to the terms and conditions, privacy policy and refund policy, and is responsible for the same.